Frequently Asked Questions

Overall theme

The web theme reflects the university’s primary brand elements and provides a consistent, accessible online user experience. Sub brands like "Innovate at Iowa State" and individual marketing campaigns such as "In the Making" can be seamlessly integrated into the web theme on the appropriate web pages. Sub brand and campaign assets can be used when creating visuals (photos/videos/graphics) and developing content (text/headlines) with the web theme components.

The web style guide provides general guidance for all university websites for a consistent user experience. The "In the Making" admissions campaign style guide applies to materials for prospective student recruitment. Those campaign assets and language should be limited to web pages focused on student recruitment.

No, but they can be added to the visuals (photos/videos/graphics) you choose to create. It’s worth repeating that the "In the Making" campaign assets should be limited to student recruitment webpages.

As a best practice (especially for Twitter, which currently is unpredictable), it’s best to avoid third-party embedded feeds. Accessibility is the biggest factor and one of the top priorities for the new theme. Other factors include:

  • No control or notice of API changes
  • Appearance conflicts with university/unit/campaign branding, and the web theme itself
  • Functionality can be unreliable

If you’re worried about getting the word out about your social media accounts, there are options. In addition to providing the icon links in the footer, you could promote social media feeds using a component block. Examples:

  • Create a dedicated SM page with links to accounts
  • Promote on the homepage, “Contact” or “About” pages using a component block like the Card Set.

Drupal questions

On the page that you want to add the form

  1. Click Edit
  2. Click "Add Block"
  3. Click "Other Blocks" from the top tab
  4. Click "Webform"
  5. Under Webform, type the name of the form (It should auto complete)
  6. Click "Add Block" to add the form to the page
Screenshot of Drupal admin "block" interface

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