Website Theme and Ecosystem

    • July 2023

      Targeted go-live date for student-centered sites

    • Ongoing

      University sites expected to implement theme

    One university, one web experience

    As part of the Iowa State homepage redesign project, a new theme was created for campuswide use. A robust ecosystem of components provides colleges, departments and units with the tools to create websites for a consistent user experience across all university sites. The "iastate2022" ecosystem is based on the design used for the university homepage and main site (, however a few features are unique to and should not be used on other websites.

    The previous website themes will sunset. Current users will be supported, but Iowa State units planning website updates or redesigns are expected to transition to the iastate2022 ecosystem.

    The new theme is packaged for campuswide use in multiple formats and is available to all colleges, departments and units at no cost. Online training modules and a style guide outlining best practices are included. The project team is available for guidance and consultation.

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    Theme packages are available in multiple formats.