The IASTATE theme is made up of several primary components or regions. Each has a specific function and purpose.

The Iowa State navbar is the thin dark gray bar that runs along the top of the theme.

The Iowa State Navbar

It includes links to the official Iowa State homepage, index, directory, maps, safety information, and university-wide service sign ons. Besides providing high-level institutional navigation, the Iowa State navbar also:

  • Provides a consistent navigation method across all Iowa State websites
  • Establishes an association between the website and Iowa State
  • Gives users institutional context and a way to explore Iowa State's extensive web presence

For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that the Iowa State navbar be included on all Iowa State websites. If for some reason the Iowa State navbar is not desired or relevant, hide/remove/disable it. Do not repurpose or modify the Iowa State navbar in any way.

The site navbar is the large red bar below the Iowa State navbar, and the primary header for your site.

Site Navbar

It includes the official Iowa State wordmark as part of your site's identity, a site-wide search box, and site links: quick links to frequent or important destinations on your site.

Wordmark & Site Title

In the previous theme, the "Iowa State University" wordmark was a link back to the Iowa State homepage, and the site title underneath the wordmark was a link to the site homepage. That behavior, while now familiar, was unconventional (most sites have a single wordmark or logo that goes back to that site's homepage, and the Iowa State wordmark and title combination was intended to function as a single identity for an Iowa State unit, department, entity, or affiliate). That behavior also blurred the line between institution-wide navigation and site-wide navigation. In the new theme, all institution-wide navigation was relocated to the Iowa State Navbar, and the Site Navbar contains only site-wide navigation.

In the previous theme, affiliated department and unit titles were sometimes either added to the wordmark title or added as a tagline under the search. This caused further navigational confusion and often led to a cluttered and/or oversized site navbar. In the new theme, affiliate departments and units are moved to the affiliate region of the footer, where multiple affiliate and associate sites can be referenced without confusing the purpose of the site.

The site links region (under the search) provides for immediate access to site-wide or high-profile resources that may not be easy to navigate to through the site's menu navbar. This allows you to create convenient links to important or oft-used portions of your website, regardless of their location in the menu hierarchy.

Menu Navbar

Post nav is the area for feature content such as sliders/carousels/slideshows, banners, jumbotrons, and any other content that requires top placement and isn't either part of or constrained by the main content. While content in the post nav can span the entire page width, it also can be constrained to the content width by placing it inside the default "container" wrapper.

Post Nav